Such a Sweet Pea

sweet-pea-cap_0029 PONY EARED HAT.

That's what this is. I love hats with ears, don't you? I wish there were more adult hats with ears. For me it's the perfect amount of whimsy without having an embroidered Winnie the Pooh on your denim overalls- not that I'd know anything about that. (And don't ask my mom for my 4th grade class photo, please and thank you. You won't find embroidered Pooh-alls on me, nope nope.)

But yes, whimsy but not juvenile. Not that there's anything wrong with juvenile- we are talking about children's clothes after all- but it's not really my jam.

SO! Pony eared hat. It's actually called the Sweet Pea cap. This is part of the Haven Acres Mini Collection that I've been testing for Jennuine Design. I kinda sorta forgot that I still needed to sew up the final version until last night, so this got bumped to the top of my Kid's Clothes Week queue. I also forgot to have Matt print it for me (for some reason we keep putting off buying a printer because every printer is the worst ever) so I hauled both kids to the library today to print and magically found out that we get 10 free pages each day. TEN PAGES FREE WHY HAVE I BEEN PRINTING AT OFFICE MAX WHYYYY! Don't remind me about the time I forgot to specify black and white printing and it cost me twenty dollars to print it in color and it was a test version and the version changed before I got the chance to sew it. Just don't remind me.

Can you tell I've been cooped up for two days with sick kids and haven't gotten out except for said library trip? I'm feeling a bit chatty. Craving adult interaction.

Cut the jibber jabber, right?

Here are some pictures of a kid posing for cookies.




This hat took me 2 hours from tracing the pattern to placing the finished hat on her head. Well, almost finished. I still have to hand stitch the opening at the back closed. Don't tell. That's a nap time project! And the pattern pieces are all small so it is the perfect project for scraps or upcycling! I used fabric that I bought from the Habitat ReStore like 5 years ago, so although it isn't a true upcycle it kinda feels like it. The fabric still smells like mothballs when I iron it, so it has that pleasant "thrifted" smell, haha! Charly has now requested that I make a Pinkie Pie and a Rainbow Dash hat for her, which makes me wonder why I didn't think of that before. Add it to the list!

I call this one: Galloping Gang Signs


And this one: Of HORSE You Can Have A Cookie

(stop me now)


Pattern: Sweet Pea Cap by Jennuine Design

Size: Medium (her head measures 51cm)

What I loved:

  • it's a fairly quick sew!
  • using up scraps feels so oh oh good
  • the suggestion of using cheap plastic cutting mat for the brim stabilizer is so perfect. It's a game changer for future hats and bags!
  • pony ears. duh.

What I changed:

  • not a change, per se, but I opted for the bias cut pieces and faced lining (both options given in the pattern)

What I'll change next time:

  • I'll stay stitch my bias cut pieces- you can sort of see that mine got a little warped. That is now suggested in the pattern!
  • I may try a My Little Pony version- put a cutie mark on the side of the hat and a corresponding mane

Fabric & Notions:

  • Tweed from the ReStore
  • scraps of red linen
  • cheap plastic cutting mat for the brim


Can I just say, our new yard is like, the best for pictures? We've got great tree coverage so it looks like we're in a forest instead of the burbs. Bad news is the pine trees kill grass so this moss is all we get. The kids seem to have endless ideas for how to play with moss though, so I can't complain too much.

Thanks for reading, friends! Let's chat again soon, huh? And maybe next time I'll let you get a word in :)