Caroline's Birthday Dress

carolines birthday dress7 Last week my Sweet Caroline turned 2. TWO! I'm stuck squarely in that conundrum of "she's only two?" and "how is she already two?"

Two years of fun and sass, she's finding her way in to her own little personality now and  she's a force to be reckoned with. Adventurous and headstrong, loving and silly.

Of course a birthday means a new birthday dress, so after I was mostly over my sickness and a day before her birthday I started this dress. I finished it during her birthday nap and gifted it that night. This continues my tradition of continually sewing last minute gifts for my children. Because one must not break with tradition, you know. 

carolines birthday dress4

Meanwhile, we've been enjoying lots and lots of backyard time. I thought the fact that grass didn't grow back there was a huge bummer but it turns out my kids couldn't care less! They love digging in the dirt and adding nature treasures to their collections. I was hoping to grow some lush grass back there next year but now I'm thinking I'll just embrace the natural setting and let it be wild. It's less work, anyway.

carolines birthday dress3

carolines birthday dress1

You may recognize this pattern if you've been around here (or my instagram) much lately... it's self drafted and a work in progress to become my first for-sale pattern. I'M SO EXCITED! It's a bit slow going lately with a two week trip to visit family and illness thrown in the mix, but my goal is to release it in early summer. I'll post more details about the pattern later this week, but for now here are the details on this particular version of the dress:

Pattern: Self-drafted

Fabric: Gramercy by Leah Duncan from Finch (no longer in stock) and Mustard Double Gauze from Imagine Gnats for the binding and lining

carolines birthday dress10

carolines birthday dress11

also I'd like to say- dat sprout.

carolines birthday dress6

I've given her SO MANY haircuts to keep the baby mullet away. Still, the sprout seems to be the only 'do we can do without some more front hair growing in. Cmon hair!

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Caroline- BAH BAH BAH! Good times never seem so good!