Caroline's Pre K Ania Tunic


Can you even handle that cute little girl wearing a giant backpack? Caroline started preschool recently and naturally needed a new outfit for the first day since her sister got one for kindergarten. In true middle child fashion, I'm just now posting about it even though she started two weeks ago. Don't worry- we made a big deal about it for her that day!

If you feel like you've seen this already, it's probably because I've made 2 other Ania tunics recently (here and here)- or maybe because I used this same fabric to make myself a shirt (here). Since I'm finally getting back to my sewing groove (hooray!) I'm making the most of it by sewing the same patterns several times. Is this less exciting for you? Maybe, but it means I spend less time taping and tracing patterns together, and also I get quicker each time I sew, so this is allowing my recent flurry of sewing activity. I don't have any more Ania tunics planned, but I do have more of this gorgeous floral lawn, so you haven't seen the last of it yet!


Just like my other versions of the Ania, I made a half sleeve because I love half sleeves and because we have pretty temperate weather here and so this will get lots of wear. It's easy to layer a cardigan once things get cold, and wears well on its own for fall and spring.

Pattern: Ania Tunic by Coffee and Thread

Fabric: Regent Street Lawn in Charcoal from Urban Sew

Size: 3

Her measurements: in inches below

Chest- 21

Waist- 20

Hip- 21.5

Height- 41


-shortened to a half sleeve and altered the cuff to be narrower

-used my hemmer foot to do a narrow hem

This gorgeous cotton lawn is perfect for the flowy Ania tunic.


Caroline is loving pre K and thriving having a bit more structure, now that older sister is in kindergarten. We're all adjusting pretty well to the new routine, and I'm enjoying a bit more time with little Lucy and some kid free sewing time while she naps. All in all, it feels like a complete 180 from just a couple months ago when I shared this post- which makes me all the more grateful that I documented that day before our world and routine totally changed.

Thanks for reading!!