Sewing for Christmas: Little Cub


As you may be able to tell from my flurry of recent posts, things have changed a bit around here since I wrote this post venting my creative frustration. With the radical change in our schedule (kids starting school) and a baby who sometimes naps, I'm actually getting a decent amount of sewing time, and even time to blog about it! This couldn't come at a better time, because I'm gearing up for holiday sewing. I'm not usually one to start my Christmas sewing any time before December 1st, not for any reason other than lack of planning and laziness. Well, maybe transitioning to three kids has taught me that it takes some major planning to accomplish things, but I got one gift made before October 1st! Handmade gifts are in the works for my older two girls, but this sweet little doll for little Lucy is done and ready for wrapping!


I bought the book Storybook Toys: Sew 16 Projects from Once Upon a Time * for the doll I'm making for Caroline. There are of course tons of patterns and books for dollmaking, but I love the vintage look and attention to detail and quality materials that this book offers. The faces are embroidered which hopefully will stand the test of time and lots of play! Lucy's Little Cub doll is from the same book and is a great pattern for beginner dollmaking. It's my first venture into doll territory and there's a bit of a learning curve, so I'm glad I made this one before tackling Caroline's doll, which is much more advanced.


I used the same fabric for the "fur" of the little cub that I used to make Lucy's lovey that she sleeps with, so it should be a big hit as she finds the soft fabric soothing. This doll features a little hood covering a double faced head- so the doll can be awake by placing the hood coving the sleep face, and asleep by covering the awake face. I'm thinking it'll make a great little first doll for her! She'll be nearly 9 months come Christmas and can enjoy a nice snuggly little toy.


The hood is lined with a scrap of green gingham. I think the gingham fits with the retro vibe of the toy and gives a fun little pop of color when it's removed! It is fastened with a KAM snap. I got this* KAM snap kit from Amazon and so far found it really easy to use, and much safer to have around babies than a button would be.

Pattern: Little Cub from Storybook Toys: Sew 16 Projects from Once Upon a Time *

Fabric: This minky for the fur, gingham scrap for hood lining, basic cotton for doll body


-topstitched the hood around the face to keep lining from bagging out

My oldest two keep trying to get this doll out to play with, so I feel fairly confident this will be a well loved item in our home! I'm excited to finish up the other toys I'm making for my girls for Christmas- you can follow along on Instagram for frequent updates during the process!

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