Better Late than Never Finlayson

finlayson sweater_0002 I hope everyone is enjoying a little sunshine today! It is starting to feel like Spring might be real again here and I'm just crossing my fingers and toes that it stays nice all week. I need sunshine!

The story of this Finlayson sweater is that it's a super belated Christmas gift. Yeah, Christmas, like 4 months ago. To be fair I finished it at least a month ago (which explains the lack of sunshine in these pictures)... so... better late than never? Anyway, it's the first time I've sewn clothing for Matt, and can you tell he just LOVES modeling it?! I think I should probably sew some euro trunks next and do a beach shoot. Y'know, just to make him appreciate the whole "take pictures in your bathing suit and post it for the internetz" thing I did last year, haha! 

finlayson sweater_0020

The rest of the story of this shirt is that I ended up taking in quite a bit of it, and not very well at that, so I'm calling this a wearable muslin. I also shortened the sleeves by like 4 inches. Based on measurements he was a solid medium, but I think a small is in order. It may be that it was meant to be a looser fit than what I was going for and I'm sure fabric is playing some part in the size issue we had, too. I'm also not happy with the way the front shawl collar turned out. Mine's a bit sloppy. Guess I need some practice:)

finlayson sweater_0016

finlayson sweater_0011

Anyway, he's worn it out so it isn't a total bust- although I'm not sure why this knit is looking so crazy wrinkly?! Looks like I'll just have to make another! I've also got my eye on the Jedediah Pants and Strathcona Henley, but I don't want to get ahead of myself here:)

Pattern: Finlayson Sweater from Thread Theory

What I loved:

  • hem band and sleeve bands mean no hemming knit- hooray!
  • great tips in the pattern, particularly adding stability to the shoulder seam

What I changed:

  • took in the sides and shortened the sleeves

What I'll change next time:

  • cut a smaller size

Fabric & Notions:

Despite this being an older project, I promise I've been doing LOTS of sewing lately. I'm  nearly done with my second t-shirt quilt in a month, and I'm putting the finishing touches  on some stuff for the next issue of Stylo!! I CAN NOT WAIT to show it to you, so don't worry, if you follow me on Facebook, instagram, bloglovin, or whatever other ways there are to follow I'll be shouting it from the roof tops when the issue is out!