Wildewoman Cardigans

wildewoman cardigan2 As long ago promised, I finished up these matching Aster Cardigans from Kid's Clothes Week! I finished them up a few days later but then we've had snow snow snow and I don't have a good inside picture spot yet at this house so I had to wait until the snow melted and it wasn't 20 degrees out.

As with most clothes I make for Charly, I try to think of a reason she'll love it to convince her to wear it. It doesn't matter if she loves the fabric and helps choose the pattern, it's still a 50/50 chance she'll want to wear it after the first day it's finished. So I try to give my handmade stuff a boost by connecting it to stuff she loves, like princesses. Sometimes it works.

Anyhow, Charly's favorite band is Lucius. Go check them out if you aren't familiar with them. No really. Go. Treat your ears with this one, or this if you don't have the time for the full Tiny Desk Concert. Or there's this song, which made me fall in love with Lucius when I first saw them open for The Head and the Heart in Richmond. 

The two lead singers always dress alike, so when I planned to make matching Aster Cardigans for Charly and Caroline I knew relating it to Lucius was a golden plan. Plus the Aster Cardigan pattern totally goes with their retro vibe. It worked like a charm- she loves wearing it! It doesn't hurt that it coordinates with her Mushroom Skirt, probably her favorite thing I've made in the history of ever. Wildewoman is the name of their most current album, and also one of Charly's favorite songs. I need to record her singing/dancing to it sometime. The internet needs to see it! These pictures don't do it justice, but this is Charly getting her groove on in the backyard as Matt plays Wildewoman on his phone.

wildewoman cardigan1

wildewoman cardigan8

"It's written in her blood oh it's written in her bones!"

wildewoman cardigan9

As for the pattern- it's a win! I love how these turned out! The fabric is an upcycled, thrifted, textured/quilted knit, originally this oversized beaut:


I was just barely able to eke both cardigans out of it with my mad pattern placement skills in overdrive. WORTH IT.

The collar binding is from another upcycled t shirt that got some holes in it. I've been hoarding it forever and I'm so happy to use it- you can just barely see that lime green and white diagonal stripe peeking out of the collar.


The buttons are another hoard- I bought them at an antique store in Downtown Leesburg where we used to live when Charly was a baby.

wildewoman cardigan11

wildewoman cardigan10

wildewoman cardigan3

wildewoman cardigan4

This picture was completely unintentional, but it totally reminds me of a Lucius photo...


So I couldn't help myself. Enter bad photoshop skillz...

wildewoman cardigan13

THE HAIR. It couldn't be a matchy matchy photo with just Caroline's little sprout now, could it?

wildewoman cardigan12

If only my photoshop skills would have gone to work on the tarp over the neighbor's wood pile...

With spring (HOPEFULLY!) coming these are going to be in heavy rotation I am sure!

Here's my review of the Aster Cardigan from LBG Studio/ Willow and Co. Patterns

Sizes: 18m and 2t, both lengthened

What I loved:

  • the fit  is superb- trim but not tight
  • clear instructions walk you through every detail of a nicely finished collar and button placket

What I changed:

  • lengthened both cardigans for my tall skinny girls
  • changed the method for lengthening a bit- tracing down to the 4t line doesn't actually give you a 4t length because of the way the pieces are nested with equal amount of space at the top and bottom of each piece. I traced the top half of my size (2t) then shifted it until the bottom of the armscye matched the bottom of the 4t armscye and traced from there down to the 4t line.

What I'll change next time:

  • use a thinner knit for the underside of the collar- since my fabric was so thick the collar doesn't lay well. I think one less layer of thick fabric would have helped with that.

Fabric & Notions:

  • upcycled quilted knit
  • upcycled green and white striped knit
  • vintage buttons

What do you think, friends? Have you made an Aster Cardigan before? Do your kids need convincing to wear their handmade duds? Do you love Lucius as much as I do??